The history of Tatneftegazpererabotka Division includes the history of the origin and development of the entire oil and gas industry in Tatarstan. For several decades, the Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant and Tatneftegaz Division have been developing both in parallel and as part of one trust.

In 2002, MGPZ (Minibaevsky Gas Processing Plant), the Tatneftegaz division and OJSC Transuglevodorod merged into a single Division of Tatneftegazpererabotka and were transferred to OJSC Tatneft.

The merger of the enterprises has significantly improved opportunities for technical re-equipment and modernization of production. Tatneft investments in the reconstruction of facilities made it possible to increase the volume of gas gathering and processing, enlarge the range and quality of products, make it competitive and demanded both in Russia and abroad.

Year 2018

Tatneftegazpererabotka Division incorporated the Yelkhovsky oil refinery.
Startup and commissioning of the integrated testing for the upgraded Substation No. 110, and open the new ZRU-6KV.
Modular treatment facilities put into operation making it possible to switch to a closed water utilization cycle and prevent disposal of untreated effluents into river.

Year 2017

Implemented the associated gas gathering system divestiture project from the Tatneftegaspererabotka Division and integrated this system into the Oil and Gas Production Divisions of the Company. Gas workshop staff was transferred to the Oil and Gas Production Divisions.

Year 2016

The year of the 60th anniversary of the Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant.
Completed the construction of facilities of the II stage of desulphurization unit reconstruction at the Minnibaevsky Central Gas Gathering Station (sulfur production unit and gas dehydration unit). Planned capacity of the gas treatment plant is up to 200 million m3 per year, and sulfur production up to 10 thousand tonnes per year.

Year 2014

Started the reconstruction of raw gas compressor unit with the replacement of compressor equipment.
Started the construction of a new factory-wide flare system and construction of modular treatment facilities.
Started reconstruction design for gas desulphurization unit with capacity of 1 billion m3 per year.

Year 2013

Completed the construction and equipment was commissioned for the 1st stage of desulphurization unit reconstruction at Minnibaevsky Central Gas Gathering Station. The gas treatment plant’s capacity was updraged to 140 million m3 per year.

Year 2010

Completed the construction of a cryogenic unit for deep processing of dry stripped gas. Achieved ethane extraction depth of over 91% of its potential in oil gas. Resolved the problems of ensuring calorific value of commercial gas in the condition of deep ethane selection.

Year 2004

GFU-300 Gas Fractionation Unit was put into operation resulting in expansion of gas processed products range.

Year 2002

Minibaevsky Gas Processing Plant, Tatneftegaz and Transuglevodorod merged into Tatneftegazpererabotka Division of OAO Tatneft.

Year 1995

Sour gas purification unit by the Klaus method started operations yielding the first batch of commercial sulfur a year later.

Year 1983

Sour petroleum gas desulphurization unit was put into commercial operation at the Minnibaevsky central crude oil gathering station.

Year 1979

Commissioned the unit to purify petroleum gas from hydrogen sulfide with a capacity of one billion cubic meters per year.

Year 1976

With the active supervision and financing of the Minibaevsky Gas Processing Plant, the first trolley line was put into operation in the city.

Year 1974

Minibaevaky Gas Processing Plant produced the first ethane.

Year 1971

Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Year 1966

The fourth phase of the plant launched. The Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant’s capacity on gas reception and processing reached more than 3 billion cubic meters per year.

Year 1962

As part of the Tatneft association, the Tatneftegaz trust was established which incorporated gas production fields with all the gas workshops, Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant, Shugurovsky oil-bitumen plant, and the motor transport office.

Year 1958

Start-up of the second stage of the plant, which made it possible to provide Kazan, Almetyevsk, Bugulma, and Leninogorsk with dry gas in full.

Year 1956

The first phase of the Minnibaevsky natural gasoline plant, which was subsequently renamed as the gas processing plant, was put into operation, and the first commercial product was obtain.

Year 1954

The first in-field compressor station No.1 was put into operation. Associated gas separated from crude oil started to flow through the pipeline to young city of Almetyevsk and the capital of the republic - Kazan.

Year 1953

An order was signed to build the first phase of a natural gasoline plant in Tatarstan.