Tatneftegazpererabotka Division sets strategic goals to ensure trouble-free production operations, safe work conditions for workers, as well as rational use of natural resources and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Upgrading of the plant has been ongoing continuously since 2002. In total, from 2002 to 2018, over 13.9 billion rubles were invested to capital construction, repair and replacement of equipment.

The production operations of the Division allows to solve an important environmental problem - eliminate the flaring of oil gas and reduce the industrial impact on the environment and community living in the areas where the company operates.


Tatneftegazpererabotka Division complies with all the requirements of environmental legislation and the concentration of pollutants in the sanitary zone is significantly lower than the maximum permissible values. The company uses advanced technological solutions to minimize environmental impact.

Industrial and Occupational Safety

The management of Tatneftegazpererabotka Division defines occupational and health safety as the main priority in the enterprise's value system.

The staff of Tatneftegazpererabotka Division follows all the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation on occupational safety and health, safety and labor protection, industrial safety, international agreements adopted by the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as other requirements applicable to our enterprise and being adopted by us.